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Alexandre da Silva, PhD

Alex DaSilvaAssistant Professor
Office: G263
Lab: G253; (601) 984-1829

Areas of expertise

  • General: Cardiovascular, neuro and metabolic physiology
  • Specific: Neurohumoral control of cardiac function and glucose homeostasis, developmental programming of cardiometabolic and cognitive disorders

Research methods

  • Rodent models of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;
  • Chronic instrumentation for long-term cardiovascular and metabolic studies in rodents;
  • Pre-clinical echocardiography and catheter-based evaluations of cardiac function;
  • Primary and immortalized cell cultures;
  • Breeding, genotyping and validation of different Cre-Lox genetically modified mice;

Current projects

  • Role of the leptin-brain melanocortin system in regulating cardiac function and protecting the heart against progressive heart failure
  • Neurohumoral control of glucose homeostasis in insulin-deficiency diabetes
  • Impact of parental obesity on young and adult offspring cardiometabolic profile and cognitive function

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