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Zhen Wang, PhD

Zhen WangAssistant Professor
Office: G262; (601) 984-1250
Lab: G253; (601) 984-1832

Areas of expertise

  • General: Cardiovascular and renal physiology, molecular biology
  • Specific: Diabetic nephropathy, leptin signaling pathway and obesity, hypertension

Research methods

  • Utilizing chronically instrumented rodents for 24 hr/day computerized-cardiovascular monitoring of BP and HR
  • Comprehensive renal, cardiac and metabolic function measurements in chronically instrumented rodents
  • Metabolic functions, including appetite, VO2 and energy expenditure measurement
  • Chronic IV and intracerebroventricularly (ICV) infusion
  • Breeding, genotyping and validation of different Cre-Lox genetically engineered mice
  • Molecular, and biochemical assays (RT-PCR, Western Blot, IHC, ELISA, etc.)

Current projects

  • Mechanisms of hypertensive diabetic nephropathy: role of mitochondrial dysfunction and ER stress
  • Role of negative regulators of leptin signaling (SOCS3) in modulating leptin's actions

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