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Zhen Wang, PhD

Office: G260
Lab: G253
Lab Phone: 601-984-1832

Areas of Expertise
General: Cardiovascular/renal physiology/molecular biology
Specific: Diabetic nephropathy, leptin signaling pathway and obesity, hypertension. 

Research Methods

1) Utilizing chronically instrumented rodents for 24 hr/day computerized-cardiovascular monitoring of BP and HR

2) Comprehensive renal, cardiac and metabolic function measurements in chronically instrumented rodents

3) Metabolic functions, including appetite, VO2 and energy expenditure measurement

4) Chronic iv and intracerebroventricularly (icv) infusion

5) Breeding, genotyping and validation of different Cre-Lox genetically engineered mice

6) Molecular, and biochemical assays (RT-PCR, Western Blot, IHC, ELISA, etc.)

Current projects
1) Mechanisms of hypertensive diabetic nephropathy: role of mitochondrial dysfunction and ER stress.
2) Role of negative regulators of leptin signaling (SOCS3) in modulating leptin’s actions.

Curriculum Vitae
Summary of Research
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