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Osvaldo Rivera Gonzalez

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Year: 2 PhD


Academic background

  • Graduated from Salisbury University in 2012 with a BS in biology
  • Graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a MS in biology

Research and personal statement

I initially went to college with the intent on being a music composer; however, I changed my focus to biology to better understand and someday research epilepsy, which was a condition I had been diagnosed with since the age of 16. I was given the opportunity to undertake research in a molecular biology lab during my undergraduate career and immediately fell in love with lab work and the environment the lab provided. I went on to pursue my MS at ULM where I successfully worked towards and defended my thesis on Drosophila and obesity. The responsibility of having my own project, being responsible for my own failures and successes, and confidently defending my own research solidified my intent on obtaining a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from UMMC, which I feel will provide me with the tools necessary to obtain a career in industrial research.