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John Clemmer, PhD

Office/Lab: G152
Phone: 601-815-1316

Areas of Expertise
Physiological modeling.  Physiological responses to hemorrhage.  Use of computational modeling to study causes of hypertension and response to antihypertensive therapy.  Salt sensitivity. Use of clinical data to calibrate virtual populations.
Research Methods
Dr. Clemmer's research uses mathematical modeling to understand integrative physiology and interactions with pharmacological and device-based therapy for the treatment of hypertension.  He has previously developed and used the large physiological model, HumMod, to analyze water and electrolyte homeostasis and to simulate multiple types of hypertension and pathologies that cause salt sensitivity.  Dr. Clemmer also uses the model and with algorithms and tools to create virtual populations to simulate the heterogeneity between patients and to simulate and validate population responses to pathophysiological conditions and treatment options. Dr. Clemmer also employs clustering analysis methods such as topological data analysis to analyze large clinical data sets to separate out important subpopulations.

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