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Introduction to the Medical Profession I

Introduction to the Medical Profession 1 (IMP1) is one of the core classes required for all first year medical students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

IMP1 builds a professional foundation upon which students will continue to add information throughout their medical careers. This course begins with introducing students to professionalism in medicine and feedback in the setting of medical education. In the fall semester, students are taught communication and leadership skills necessary for their role as the healthcare team leader.  Other topics covered are medical ethics, spirituality/personal belief in the practice of medicine, rapport-building with the patient, and compassion. At the end of the fall semester students begin gathering data in the setting of interviewing patients. Students practice full history-taking to begin honing skills of the medical interview. The course emphasizes gathering a thorough history while also asking questions in a respectful and caring manner.

In the second semester, students investigate the social determinants of health and how this impacts the health of our patients. The course covers the basics of health insurance and prescription drugs. The final block in IMP1 is Information Mastery that includes epidemiological studies and biostatistics.

Throughout the course, students complete multiple objective structure clinical examinations (OSCEs) at our Clinical Skills Center. This activity with standardized patients allows students to practice their history-taking and communication skills.

The course is delivered by lecture, small-group format with discussions and case-based learning sessions, self-directed learning, and in the flipped-classroom approach. The variety of teaching methods helps to reinforce material and caters to all types of adult learners. 

To be successful in this course, students must take all activities seriously. Professionalism, investment in patients, and a thirst for knowledge are key for this course and for the fruitful career of physicians.


Course Director

Savannah Duckworth

Dr. Savannah Duckworth 
Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine 

Co-Course Director

Jarrett Morgan Headshot

Dr. Jarrett Morgan
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Hospital Medicine