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Current Med-Peds Residents

The following are current internal medicine/pediatrics (med/ped) residents in UMMC School of Medicine's Department of Medicine.


Skelton, Thomas N., MD

Skelton, Thomas N., MD
Program: Medicine/Pediatrics
Year: PGY IV
Hometown: Jackson, MS
Medical School: University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Why did you choose UMMC?: People and Pathology. For better or for worse, Mississippi ranks #1 in many categories you want to be last in, and vice-versa for categories you'd like to be first in. This means we experience a tremendous variety of pathology, varying in acuity and rarity. As the only tertiary referral facility in the state, all of these cases funnel to us. And we get to do this alongside some of the most patient, gracious, and talented physicians and nurses around.
Career Interest
Adult Congenital Heart Disease

What you like to do in free time?
Developing new languages for my dog, building lightsabers and models, and eating at one of Jackson's many excellent restaurants.