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Resident Wellness Committee

Mission Statement

A group of residents participated in the Mississippi Blues Marathon.jpgOur mission is to identify barriers, facilitate improvement, and continuously support the overall wellness of internal medicine resident physicians at UMMC.


Our vision is to perpetually refine the internal medicine resident experience at UMMC by advancing the resolution of logistical and institutional barriers, enhancing the workplace environment via improved nutritional opportunities and workspace conditions, and being a catalyst for the overall betterment of the resident lifestyle by coordination of social events, community service and the support of outlets for mental and physical health.



Structural Barriers Subcommittee: Works to make residents’ jobs easier.

Projects include:

  • Wellness Days: a day of a resident’s choosing that can be taken once a semester to help with the scheduling of doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Efficiency Curriculum: Including Epic optimization and dictation training


Nourishment and Environment Subcommittee: Aims to make our residents’ happier and healthier.

Projects include: 

  • Adding healthier lunch options to Noon Conference
  • Lounge Snacks - provide coffee and other snacks to boost resident morale
  • Improved frequency of cleaning of the resident lounge


Social and Events Subcommittee: Facilitates resident gatherings outside of the hospital.

Projects include:

  • Wellness Dinners: small group discussions hosted by attending physicians regarding work-life balance, transitions in medicine, career guidance, and “the art of medicine”
  • “BeerWith” Socials: monthly gatherings of residents outside of the hospital at local restaurants, bars, parks and occasionally a Mississippi Braves games!
  • Intern Welcome Party: Residents meet and greet incoming interns (and significant others)


Mental and Physical Wellness Subcommittee: Creates opportunities for our residents to improve their wellbeing.

Projects include: 

  • More opportunities to volunteer at Jackson Free Clinic
  • Financial Wellness workshop
  • Monthly Resident Newsletter
  • Organization of intramural sports teams

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