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ACP Council of Residents and Students, Mississippi Chapter

Members at ACP Research DayThe Mississippi chapter of the American Council of Physicians (ACP) has initiated a group for residents and medical students. The Council of Residents & Students, Mississippi Chapter, has established a mission statement, goals and core measures per the national ACP organization. The goal is to maintain the standards and quality of patient care that the national ACP upholds.


To enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care by fostering excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine.


I. To establish and promote the highest clinical standards and ethical ideals;
II. To be the foremost comprehensive education and information resource for all internists;
III. To advocate responsible positions on individual health and on public policy relating to health care for the benefit of the public, our patients, the medical profession, and our members;
IV. To serve the professional needs of the membership, support healthy lives for physicians, and advance internal medicine as a career;
V. To promote and conduct research to enhance the quality of practice, the education and continuing education of internists, and the attractiveness of internal medicine to physicians and the public.
VI. To recognize excellence and distinguished contributions to internal medicine; and
VII. To unify the many voices of internal medicine and its subspecialties for the benefit of our patients, our members, and our profession.

Core measures

  • Leadership
    We provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development, and advocacy for patients.
  • Excellence
    We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards for ourselves and our programs.
  • Respect
    We embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being.
  • Compassion
    We are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.
  • Professionalism
    We work with expertise, commitment, and diligence, serving others before ourselves.
  • Responsibility
    We maintain healthy personal and professional lives to most effectively serve our patients.