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Primary Care Track

UMMC’s Internal Medicine Primary Care Track that provides focused outpatient medicine experience in addition to intensive inpatient training. We offer two positions in the Match for this program and there are currently three residents in the track. Residents in this track rotate through the same inpatient clinical rotations as categorical residents – including general medicine, subspecialty medicine, and intensive care rotations – but have additional dedicated time devoted to primary care medicine. These residents experience 60% more continuity clinic than our categorical residents and receive additional instruction on primary care as well as at least one month of experience in a private practice clinic setting. Our program received a $20,000 DEI grant from AAIM in 2021 focused on health disparities in the primary care setting entitled “Enhancing Education, Building Trust, and Eliminating Bias in Primary Care.” 

Jessie Lavender headshot 

Jessica Lavender, MD   
Director, Primary Care Track  


 “Dr. Lavender is an outstanding mentor who has helped me grow in both my knowledge and confidence as an internal medicine physician. The primary care track gives you the opportunity to work at different internal medicine clinics in and around the Jackson area, allowing you to gain exposure to different patient populations. I’ve not only learned how to thoroughly work up acute issues, manage chronic conditions, and provide preventative care, but also important skills like motivational interviewing and shared decision-making. I feel well prepared for my future as a community general internist thanks to the primary care track.”

 Sydney West head shot

Sydney West, MD
2023 Graduate


“The Internal Medicine Primary Care Track at UMMC was such an amazing program and truly prepared me for independent practice. Whether the decision is made to focus on outpatient clinical practice versus a traditional approach of both inpatient and outpatient care, primary care residents from UMMC are well-prepared to serve their patient population following graduation. We receive extensive inpatient and outpatient training, with a focus on receiving additional ambulatory training with the BEST clinician-educators.  Residents are fully supported during their time at UMMC, and the sense of family and support team continues even after leaving this wonderful place.” 

 Christina Wallace head shot

Christina Wallace, MD
2022 Graduate 

Graduates and First Job after Residency  

Sydney West, MD – Baptist Medical Group, Jackson, MS  

Christina Wallace, MD – Choctaw Health Center, Choctaw, MS  

Allie Price, DO – Southwest MS Regional Medical Center, McComb, MS  

Cory Coleman, MD – Community Health Clinic, Forest, MS  

Nikki Cager, MD – Delta Medical Group, Clarksdale, MS  


Categorical Primary Care Track Sample Schedule

Blocks 1-2UMMC Wards
Block 3Nephrology Consults 
Block 4Oncology Clinics 
Blocks 5-6UMMC MICU
Block 7Rheumatology Consults
Block 8Allergy Clinics
Blocks 9-10VA Wards
Block 11GI/Liver Consults 
Block 12GI/Liver Clinics
Block 13Holiday Schedule
Blocks 14-15Geriatrics Wards
Block 16Community Medicine
Block 17 Continuity Clinic
Blocks 18-19UMMC Nights
Block 20 Cardiology Consults
Block 21Cardiology Clinics
Blocks 22-23Primary Care Clinics
Block 24 ID Consults 
Block 25 Pulmonary Clinics
Block 26Cardiology Wards

*During Consult “Y” block rotations, primary care track residents are scheduled two clinic half days.