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Fellow Testimonials

Portrait of Dr. Jeremy CourtneyJeremy D. Courtney, MD (2022 Graduate)

One of the strengths of this program that I have enjoyed the most is the broad array of pulmonary subspecialty exposure.  We are taught daily by Ivy League-trained experts in the fields of interventional pulmonology, pulmonary hypertension, and ECMO. I have confidence that upon graduation, I will have the strong foundation for any future endeavors.”


Kristin Hom, MDKristin Hom, DO, MPH (2022 Graduate) 

“I chose UMMC’s Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship program due to the friendly and supportive learning environment. We are encouraged to ask questions and the staff are extremely approachable. They’ve worked hard to establish a culture of friendship and camaraderie amongst the fellows and faculty. I’m lucky to be a part of this program with magnificent mentors and co-fellows whom I’ve privileged to call my friends.”


Benjamin Morehead, MDBenjamin Morehead, MD (2021 Graduate) 

“I enjoyed the program for the collegial manner in which our fellows and attendings treated each other. With the complexity of the illnesses that we see day in and out here, it is nice that we all genuinely liked being around each other and can count on each other when you have had a tough day. I also enjoy the number and complexity of interventional pulmonary cases that we were able to participate in, and I feel they provided a very solid procedural basis for my future practice.”


Yanglin GuoYang Guo, MD, Assistant Professor

“I enjoyed my time in the fellowship and had ample opportunities to pursue my interests and hone my skills in pulmonary hypertension, interventional pulmonology, and critical care. I felt prepared to enter academic medicine through excellent mentorship.”


For more information about the Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Program, check out this video.