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Message from the Division Director

Pawel Pomianowsk, MD
Pawel Pomianowsk, MD

The University of Mississippi Medical Center Adult Medical Genetics and Genomics service is leveraging what we know about the human genome and disease to change the way we predict, diagnose, and treat patients more precisely and personally than ever before. 

UMMC’s Division of Adult Medical Genetics and Genomics offers consultation, genetic testing and support for families who may have a hereditary risk for certain cancers, heart disease, vascular disorders, neurological disorders as well as other diseases. 

The number of diseases known to have a genetic basis is increasing rapidly.  So too is our knowledge of genomic variants or gene changes that may occur at different rates within a population that individually or collectively affects person’s risk for disease. 

The future of precision medicine lies in our ability to read a patient’s entire set of genes, their genome, and to target how we care for that patient based on his or her own unique genomic makeup.  At UMMC, this future is now. 

Pawel Pomianowski, MD
Division Director