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Salaries and Benefits

2022-23 Salaries2023-24 Salaries
Postgraduate Year 1$52,324$54,130
Postgraduate Year 2$54,166$55,983
Postgraduate Year 3$55,964$57,860
Postgraduate Year 4$58,087$60,052
Postgraduate Year 5$60,439$62,477
Postgraduate Year 6$62,441$64,979
Postgraduate Year 7$64,195$66,944
Postgraduate Year 8$65,569$70,107

Health insurance

Insurance is provided by the institution with a nominal cost to house officers ($0-$38 per month based on chosen plan); family coverage (spouse and/or children) is available at additional cost.

Professional liability

House officers are provided professional liability coverage at no charge for activities for or on behalf of the hospital within the scope of the residency or fellowship training programs.


Covered parking is provided at no charge.

For more information

 To learn more about employee benefits, contact UMMC Human Resources.