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Program Description 

The MD-PhD Program is a seven-year program consisting of the first three years of medical school (M1-M3) followed by three years of graduate study (G1-G3) and the final year of medicine (M4).  To closely align clinical and research interests, students complete laboratory rotations with graduate faculty during the M1-M3 years, select an area for graduate study during their M3 year, and maintain interaction with clinical faculty mentors during their G1-G3 years.   

Resource from AAMC--MD-PhD: Is it Right for Me? Can be found by clicking here.  

Program Timeline 

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Traditional route: Students applying to this dual degree program should follow admission guidelines for both the School of Medicine and School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences, and prospective students will complete a separate application for each school. According to the Admission Standards for the UMMC School of Medicine,  strong preference is given to applicants who are legal residents of Mississippi; in recent years, nonresidents have not been admitted. Students interested in pursuing the MD-PhD program must first complete all medical school application materials through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) online portal, adhering to the School of Medicine Regular Decision Program deadlines. In addition, applicants must complete the following in AMCAS: 1) MD-PhD Motivation and Significant Research essays, describing all relevant research experience, and 2) submit at least one supplemental faculty letter of evaluation from someone able to evaluate the applicant's research potential. If selected by the School of Medicine to continue in the MD-PhD application process, students will be invited to interview with and submit additional application materials to the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. Students will receive notification of acceptance in October, following interviews with both schools. 

Alternate route:  Currently enrolled first- or second-year students in the School of Medicine may also apply for admission to the MD-PhD program. Interested students should contact the MD-PhD Program Director for additional information.   

Financial Support for MD-PhD Students 

Students accepted to the UMMC MD-PhD Program through either the traditional or alternate route are fully financially supported for the duration of the dual degree program.

$28K annual stipend 
This living allowance is paid twice per month by the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences to each student while enrolled in the MD-PhD program.  

Dean’s Scholarship 
This scholarship covers the cost of tuition for courses taken in the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. The scholarship is awarded by the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences. 

Conerly Scholarship 
This scholarship covers the cost of School of Medicine tuition and fees and is awarded by the School of Medicine.

Students who are accepted to the MD-PhD program will receive information about stipend support and the Dean’s Scholarship from the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences; these students will receive information about the Conerly Scholarship from the School of Medicine.

For additional information, contact:

Portrait of Dr. Hanna Broome

Dr. Hanna Broome
MD-PhD Program Director
School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
(601) 984-1195