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Awards and Funding Opportunities


Estimated cost of attendance and tuition are subject to yearly change. Tuition for SGSHS is only assessed for 9 hours of graduate credit regardless of the number of credit hours taken. Laboratory fees and other special fees depend on the course taken.

Scholarships and awards

  • Dean's Scholarship - The Dean's Scholarship is a full-tuition recruitment scholarship which is awarded to students for outstanding academic achievement. All students on stipends or extramural support are eligible for the Dean's Scholarship. Students wishing to be considered for a stipend and/or Dean's Scholarship for the upcoming fall semester should apply for admission prior to April 1.
  • Dean's Service Award - Presented to the graduate student who exemplifies the outstanding attributes of leadership, community outreach and service.
  • Dr. L. Williams Clem Endowed Memorial Award - This award, endowed by a generous gift from Dr. Wei Yu and his wife, Dr. Fei Lu, provides funds for student travel to scientific meetings and for other allowable student expenses. The award is available to Microbiology students who are in good academic standing. Recipients will be selected by the Microbiology graduate faculty and approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.
  • Helen Reeves Turner, MD, PhD, Award - Established in 2013 and is awarded each year to a deserving student from one of the Medical Center Schools. The recipient of this award, selected by the dean or his designee, exemplifies Dr. Turner's outstanding attributes of leadership, education and service.
  • Randall-Trustmark Graduate Research Award - This award is made in memory of Dr. Charles C Randall, the first chair of microbiology at UMMC and an early director of Graduate Studies at UMMC. Dr. Randall set a high standard for scholarship and directed graduate studies during its formative years at UMMC. The Randall-Trustmark Graduate Research Award and cash prize are presented in recognition of outstanding research accomplishments and scientific contributions by a graduate student.
  • Regions Graduate Research Award - The Regions Graduate Research Award and cash prize are presented in recognition of outstanding research accomplishments by a graduate student.
  • Robert A. Mahaffey Jr. Memorial Award - It was the first research award established at UMMC for the recognition, encouragement and promotion of superior scientific capability of young investigators. Established in 1976 in memory of the late Robert Mahaffey Jr., UMMC graduate student in immunopathology, this award consists of a cash prize and certificate, signed by the Vice-Chancellor, awarded to each recipient in recognition of exceptional research potential in basic or clinical biomedical science. In addition, the recipient's name is engraved on a permanent plaque displayed in the Medical Center.

Stipends and loans

Financial support in the form of stipends may be available in some programs. Academic excellence, maturity, and research experience are the main qualifications considered in the appointment of trainees and assistants. Inquiries should be addressed to the director of the graduate program in which the applicant wishes to undertake study. Students receiving a stipend are assessed in-state fees. In addition to the above, information concerning loans to cover tuition and personal expenses may be obtained for the Office of Student Financial Aid.

PhD stipends and scholarships are assigned on a competitive basis.