Family Medicine

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  • Welcome to the Department of Family Medicine

    Welcome to the Department of Family Medicine! Our Department is a place of special people who are making a difference in the lives of our patients, our trainees and each other. Moreover, we are a major force in providing quality education and health care for our community and our state.

    Dr. Diane K. Beebe
    Dr. Diane K. Beebe

    By participating in the training of physicians, health psychologists and other health care providers, our impact is far-reaching. Established in 1973, we have trained over 375 physicians, 75 percent of whom have remained in Mississippi to practice. We take our responsibility very seriously and strive constantly to provide the best in all areas of patient care and training.

    As the first department to provide PDA's to residents, we continue to emphasize point-of-care evidence-based medicine. We have recently converted to an electronic health record in our ambulatory clinics as we move toward becoming a designated Medical Home for the 34,000 outpatients we care for yearly.

    Family Medicine is sound health care and includes the science of caring for the preventive, acute and chronic medical needs of our patients, but, it is also the art of the practicing our specialty. Our highly recognized health psychology fellowship assists us in integrating the psychological needs of patient care and education.

    Our faculty are leaders in our community and within the University of Mississippi Medical Center. We are cognizant of our respected past, proud of our present and excited about our future.

    As you browse through our pages of information, we hope you capture the sense of commitment we have to making a difference in everything we do, but I also hope you capture the sense of family that we sincerely feel as we work, train and play together. It is all of that which makes our department special.

    Diane K. Beebe, MD
    Professor and Chair