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UMMC Alliance

The UMMC Alliance is a volunteer organization that promotes goodwill and fellowship to the medical center through support of patient needs, UMMC chapel, university support funds and art acquisitions.  

Our mission

To contribute to the health and well-being of the patients and students of the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the community by mobilizing people and resources to provide for unmet needs while maintaining our core values of Caring, Integrity, Relevance and Collaboration.

Our core values

  • Caring - Kindness and concern for others are the foundations of our organization and the basis for all efforts.
  • Integrity - We pursue only the most honorable initiatives, and conduct business in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.
  • Relevance - We support initiatives that provide significant positive changes in the patient and student experience at UMMC, as well as those that foster meaningful transformations in the local community.
  • Collaboration - We engage in teamwork and partnership with UMMC and the local community recognizing that relationships and connections support attainment of our mission.