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To remain competitive in an ever-changing health care market, the University of Mississippi Medical Center continually seeks opportunities to improve its business practices. All acquisitions made by Supply Chain Management adhere to and comply with all state and federal laws and all Medical Center policies and procedures.


To lead and facilitate an environment that promotes optimal patient outcomes, sustainable financial performance, and collaboration through execution of a world class supply chain strategy.


To establish trust as supply chain experts through the provision of supplies, equipment, and services at the best value to promote quality in patient care outcomes, leading-edge research, and education of health care professionals. 

Execution is accomplished by a team committed to professionalism, servitude, collaboration, and a comprehensive metric-driven approach.





March 12, 2020

All vendors and representatives visiting UMMC:

We understand that you provide vital services to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and we appreciate your continued support.  As we all know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a public health emergency.  UMMC is immediately implementing restrictions on vendor visitation.  We believe that this step is necessary to isolate and prevent the spread and exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on UMMC premises.  The health and safety of our patients, staff and students is our top priority.

UMMC will be implementing access restrictions for all vendors and representatives visiting any UMMC site. Vendors and representatives should only visit campus if specifically requested and for a purpose that is essential to patient care or hospital need.  Otherwise,all access to UMMC is limited at this time.  You must receive prior approval from UMMC Supply Chain before visiting UMMC’s main campus or other UMMC property.  Please contact Supply Chain at

  • Special Guidelines - Operating Rooms – Invasive Therapy Rooms

Vendors that support the operating rooms will be allowed on UMMC campuses on a very limited basis.  This will be determined on a case by case basis for delivery of instruments or supply need related to a surgical case, or based on a specific request of a surgeon.  All such requests must be approved by UMMC staff and confirmed before your visit.  Otherwise, you will be denied access to the building. Vendor representatives will not be allowed to scrub into any surgical case unless specifically requested and approved by OR Leadership.  You may be asked to remain available should technical knowledge transfer be needed.

  • Training

Any and all training for staff or students should be postponed at this time unless such training is critical to patient care or hospital operations.  Essential training sessions must be approved by Supply Chain before sessions are scheduled. 

  • Servicing of Equipment

All vendors servicing equipment should adhere to these same guidelines, receiving approval for entry before arrival to UMMC. Approval to access the building must be coordinated with the Department owning the equipment and Supply Chain. 

Thank you in advance for understanding this temporary need for policy change.  Please adhere to this policy for the protection of our community and all here at UMMC. If you are granted special access as described herein, you still must sign-in to the VendorMate System on arrival.

Thank you in advance for your immediate cooperation.

Richard S. McFee, Chief of Supply Chain