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Vendor Program

To gain access to our facilities and be eligible for business with University of Mississippi Medical Center, vendors must register with our credentialing and compliance monitoring system, GHX VendorMate Credentialing. All vendors are required to register in order to begin or continue doing business with UMMC. Go to, click New Supplier Registration to register your company and create a representative profile. Every representative from your company who interacts with the University of Mississippi Medical Center is required to create this profile. This is critical as we manage our ever-increasing regulations, mandates and oversight.  Vendors must also comply with all appropriate UMMC policies and procedures.

At designated vendor stations located throughout the campus area, the representative will log in and print a badge to be worn when on Medical Center property. The date and department(s) to be visited will be filled in correctly on the badge based on the information provided when the appointment was made to visit. If no prior appointment has been made, the vendor may call the department to make an appointment. No representative will be allowed in the hospital, clinic areas, or departmental offices without an appointment and a badge.

We have several kiosk locations for vendor participation: 

  • UH Main Lobby
  • UH Main OR
  • University Heart
  • School of Dentistry
  • Jackson Medical Mall (Pharmacy and Procurement)
  • Sanderson Children's Hospital Tower Main Lobby

If you require more information, email GHX VendorMate. You may also use the following contacts for further assistance.