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Special Interest Groups Sponsorship

The Center of Bioethics and Medical Humanities provides assistance in organizing, logistics, finding meeting spaces, and helping with topics and speakers for several interest groups, including:

FrancoMed, Medical French Student Group

Purpose: To enhance the knowledge base and proficiency of French medical terminology for clinical use and the practice of medicine in French-speaking areas of humanitarian need.


  • President: Kate Garner
  • Co-vice presidents:
    • Danielle Brown
    • Colton Lee

Advisor: Dr. J.R. Colvin

History of Medicine Interest Group (HMIG)

Purpose: A student-led organization dedicated to celebrating the history of medicine and its development. HMIG is an academic program that is open to students from any of the university's professional programs. HMIG strives to provide students with an opportunity to attend presentations and lectures by physicians who have had a significant impact on medical history. HMIG is also dedicated to providing interested students with available research opportunities tasked with preserving the history of medicine.


  • Founder/President: Alexis Griffith

Advisor: Dr. Ralph H. Didlake

Humanities and Medicine

Purpose: To give medical students an opportunity to incorporate the humanities (history, art, literature, philosophy, etc.) into their study of medicine and inspire them to consider the comprehensive human experience of each patient in their future practice of medicine.


  • President: Stephen Grado
  • Co-vice president:
    • David Duff
    • Savannah Mitchell
  • Secretary: Erin Dyer
  • Treasurer: Omama Ahmad

Advisor: Dr. Tarif Bakdash

Medical Spanish (Club de Espanol)

Purpose: To provide a forum for students to discuss topics regarding the Spanish language, develop skills in interpreting and expressing thoughts and ideas in written and spoken Spanish, and to increase the number of health care providers who can effectively communicate with the institution's Spanish speaking population.


  • President: Caleb White

Advisor: Dr. Alan Penman

Retired Doctors Breakfast Club