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Speakers Bureau

The Center of Bioethics and Medical Humanities has a talented set of engaging speakers that can provide expert analysis, up-to-date-information, fascinating stories, and practical perspectives about a very wide variety of issues related to medicine, science, and technology (and a host of other issues as well). Whether you might need a speaker for your organization, church, panel, school, or business or whether you might need someone for a tv, radio, newspaper, or online interview, we will work with you to provide useful information and practical advice, in accessible, ordinary language.

Our speakers have been featured in numerous newspapers, radio programs, tv programs, and organizations around the state. While the following list covers some of the issues we could talk about, this is just a sample. Contact us for any topic and we will work with you.

  • Ralph Didlake
  • Caroline Compretta
  • Sharon Douglas
  • Amy Forbes
  • Patrick D. Hopkins