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When Not To Use

Please do not utilize the NEPAR process for the following non-employees. Instead, defer to the following alternative processes:

  • Affiliated Students - non-UMMC students enrolled at external academic institutions who engage in learning experiences at UMMC for academic credit at the external academic programs. They are affiliated with UMMC for a portion of an academic term and are supported with current, binding affiliation agreements between UMMC and the external academic institutions.
  • Escorted Visitors - visitors to non-public areas who do not fall into one of the previously defined categories and who are escorted by a responsible UMMC employee at all times. Engagements are brief in nature - normally 4 hours or less. The responsible employee must take adequate precautions to ensure escorted visitors are not exposed to Protected Health Information (PHI) or any other sensitive information. Examples include, but are not limited to: applicants for employment who are interviewing, legislators who are touring areas of campus, guest lecturers, and examiners with boards of licensure.
  • UMMC-Paid Temporary Workers - temporary workers who are classified as UMMC employees and are paid through UMMC payroll should be on-boarded using the employee requisition process and orientation process (excluding Employee Benefits explanation and enrollment).
  • UMMC Students Paid by Stipend - to request stipends to be paid to UMMC students, programs should not complete a NEPAR form, but instead should contact Accounts Payable to follow the appropriate process.
  • Unpaid Faculty Appointments - unpaid faculty appointments are managed through the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • Vendors - also known as "suppliers" or industry representatives who sell or market goods to UMMC. Delivery of these goods may involve an installation or other service as part of the sale. This may include on-going maintenance of short duration. Vendors should register through the "VendorMate" process.