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Recent Plastic Surgery Graduates - 2000-Present

Class of 2023Class of 2023

Narges Horriat, MD

Muntazim Mukit, MD
Class of 2021Class of 2022
Pamela Brownlee, MD
Benjamin Googe headshot
Benjamin Googe, MD
Class of 2020Class of 2020
Spencer Michalke, MD
Songcharoen Somjade headshot
Somjade Songcharoen, MD
Class of 2019Class of 2019
Olumayowa Abiodun.jpg
O. Mayowa Abiodun, MD
Tony Weaver.jpg
Tony Weaver, MD
Class of 2018Class of 2018
Mary Ghere, MD
Joseph Ogrodnik, MD
Class of 2017Class of 2017
Trajen Cuellar, MD


Michelle Buckius, MD
Class of 2016Class of 2016
Erica Bass, MD

Hector Marcano, MD
Class of 2015Class of 2015
Georgios Ziakas, MD
Mark Domanski, MD
Class of 2014Class of 2014
Michael McClure, MD
William B. Walker, MD
Class of 2013Class of 2013
Emile Picarella.jpg
Emile Picarella, MD
Frederick Sailes.jpg
Frederick Sailes, MD
Class of 2012Class of 2012
Christopher Bellber.jpg
Christopher Bellber, MD
Andrew Kochevar.jpg
Andrew Kochevar, MD
Class of 2010Class of 2010
William Jackson.jpg
William Dotie Jackson, MD
Robert Myers.jpg
Robert S. Myers, MD
Class of 2009Class of 2009
Michael Burgdorfjpg
Michael Burgdorf, MD
Barbara Persons.jpg
Barbara Persons, MD
Class of 2008Class of 2008
Joel Epperson.jpg
Joel R. Epperson, MD
Tanya Oswald.jpg
Tanya M. Oswald, MD
Class of 2007Class of 2007
Eric Hu.jpg
Eric Hu, MD
Jeffrey Jones.jpg
Jeffrey Jones, MD
Class of 2006Class of 2006
William Nagy.jpg
William C. Nagy, MD
Adrian Smith.jpg
Adrian R. Smith, MD
Class of 2005Class of 2005
Jacob Gerzenshtein.jpg
Jacob Gerzenshtein, MD
Alan Muskett.jpg
Alan D. Muskett, MD
Class of 2004Class of 2004
Frank Stile.jpg
Frank L. Stile, MD
Stephanie Stover.jpg
Stephanie A. Stover, MD
Class of 2003Class of 2002
Joel Beck.jpg
Joel Beck, MD
Jeffrey Caplan.jpg
Jeffrey Caplan, MD
Class of 2001Class of 2000
Kenneth Fischer.jpg
Kenneth A. Fischer, MD
James Henderson.jpg
James L. Henderson, MD