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  • April 2022 – In “Heed warning signs, seek treatment to recover from suicidal thoughts," Dr. McAfee and Dr. Morris discuss the increase in young adult suicide, particularly in the last few years. They contribute this increase partly to the pandemic and the growing popularity of social media, and encourage those struggling to seek treatment.
  • January 2022 - Dr. Parker and his work with Co-Director, Dr. James Rowlett, Medical Director, Dr. Saurabh Bhardwaj, and researcher, Dr. Kevin Freeman at the Center for Innovation and Discovery in Addictions (CIDA) is highlighted in the article "Center brings together education, research, clinical care to fight addictions" and "UMMC Opens New Center, Center Brings together Education, Research, Clinical Care to Fight Addictions." Through education, research, and healthcare CIDA addresses all aspects of addiction science and medicine with the goal of discovering new addiction therapies to help the community's increasing struggle with addiction.
  • December 2021 - Dr. Lim was featured in a WLBT news story about eating disorders during the holidays entitled "3 On Your Side Investigates: Eating Disorders and the Holidays." She discusses the importance of creating a supportive environment during the holiday season for those struggling with eating disorders and/or those trying to manage their weight.
  • November 2021 - Dr. McAfee was invited by the Mississippi Aids Education and Training Center and My Brother's Keeper to speak about the struggles of transgender healthcare in the series Transgender Awareness Month- Lunch and Learn. He spoke about the mental health components of engaging trans patients in HIV/AIDS care in November. 
  • November 2021 - In the UMMC news story "Experts: Gratefulness is possible, even in a pandemic," Dr. Burgess and Dr. Elkin discuss the physical and mental health benefits that are associated with being thankful, even during the most difficult times.
  • November 2021 - Dr. Burgess and Dr. McAfee encourage UMMC students from any degree program to utilize the free services provided by the Student Counseling and Wellness Center (SCWC) in "As students’ stresses grow, counseling center services have grown with them." They explain that as the stress levels of students continues to rise, the SCWC has made changes to be more accessible, such as offering an online scheduling option and adding 18 hours of appointment time per week.
  • October 2021 - In "Self-care key to pandemic post-traumatic stress relief" Dr. Schumacher addresses the importance of self-care and its role easing the post traumatic stress that arises from COVID and the onset of variants, specifically for health care professionals.
  • August 2021 - Dr. Elkin helped to implement a two-pronged program where students are able to receive behavioral health services through telehealth in Yazoo and Humphreys Counties’ schools as explained in "ECHO, CAY offer behavioral services to Yazoo, Humphreys."