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Child Access to Mental Health and Psychiatry

The CHild Access to Mental Health and Psychiatry service, known as CHAMP, is a consultation and educational service for pediatric primary care providers in Mississippi.

UMMC’s Department of Psychiatry, in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health, has received a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide free and same-day telephone consultations to pediatric primary care providers in Mississippi. These consultations are offered with an educational focus and are performed primarily by UMMC child psychiatrists and child psychologists.

The CHAMP team supports primary care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) with questions about mental health care such as diagnostic clarification, medication adjustment, or treatment planning. We will measure our success by primary care providers’ increased confidence in their ability to treat mental health issues and the improved mental health of Mississippi children. The CHAMP team hopes to register pediatric primary care providers as collaborative team members who are willing to work with us in a consultation model of care. The CHAMP team operates out of the Center for the Advancement of Youth Clinic (CAY) in Jackson. CHAMP partners with Families as Allies, a statewide organization run by and for families of children with behavioral challenges, to provide direct support to families, to support providers in partnering with families, and to ensure the project is implemented and sustained in ways that work best for children and families. 



CHAMP Consult Line

Available to any Mississippi primary care provider 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Call (601) 984-2080 OR fill out a Consultation Request Form

***For more immediate access to CHAMP, call the CHAMP Consult Line. 


CHAMP Enrollment

Please provide the following information to enroll.

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By enrolling in the CHAMP program:
  • We agree to inform patients and/or guardians that we may engage the CHAMP program on their behalf and will share health information with the program unless the patient and/or guardian declines CHAMP services.
  • We agree to, when possible, participate in CHAMP consultation, training, and educational opportunities.
  • We agree to complete annual satisfaction surveys.
  • We agree to continue to manage mental/ behavioral health care of cases appropriate for the primary care setting following consultations with the CHAMP team.
  • We also agree to inform our patients and their caregivers that a telephone or telehealth consultation with CHAMP does not establish a provider/patient relationship between the patient and any member of the CHAMP team.
Typing your name here will be your signature acknowledging your agreement.*