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2024 Seminar Series

Seminars are held from noon - 1 p.m. Wednesdays either virtually or in CW106. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. For more information, contact Jennifer Duckworth in the Department of Physiology at (601) 984-1810.

Neural Mechanisms underlying Heart-Lung Crosstalk in Cardiopulmonary DiseasesMelanocortin-4 receptors: from appetite regulation to cardiac function and blood pressure controlInvestigating resident memory T cells in kidney disease
01/03/2024No SeminarNo SeminarNo Seminar
01/10/2024Dr. Eric GeorgeNovel Therapeutics for the Management of PreeclampsiaUMMC-Physiology
01/24/2024Dr. Alan MoutonRoles of Immunometabolism and Autoimmunity during Myocardial InfarctionUMMC-Physiology
1/31/2024Dr. Erin TaylorTh Pathogenesis of Hypertension in Autoimmune DiseaseUMMC-Physiology
02/07/2024Dr. Jefferson FrisbeeCerebral Vasculopathy and Depressive Symptoms with Metabolic Disease: the Impact of Sex and Informed Interventions

 University of Western Ontario

02/14/2024Dr. John ClemmerModeling the role of the kidney in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction UMMC-Physiology
02/21/2024Dr. Alexandre da SilvaMelanocortin-4 receptors: from appetite regulation to cardiac function and blood pressure controlUMMC-Physiology
02/28/2024Breland CrudupSex steroids and their impact on cardiovascular disease.UMMC-Physiology
03/06/2024no seminarno seminarno seminar
03/13/2024Dr. Kyle MooreInvestigating resident memory T cells in kidney diseaseUniveristy of Alabama, Birmingham
03/20/2024Dr. Zhen WangRole of TRPC6 in mediating synergistic interactions of hypertension and diabetes to promote kidney and cardiac injuryUMMC-Physiology
3/27/2024APS Practice TalksAPS Practice TalksAPS Practice Talks
04/03/2024No SeminarAmerican Physiology SummitNo Seminar
04/10/2024Dr. Hanjun WangNeural Mechanisms underlying Heart-Lung Crosstalk in Cardiopulmonary DiseasesUniversity of Nebraska Medical Center
04/17/2024Dr. Oren RomCardiometabolic and Liver Diseases at the Interface Between Amino Acid and Lipid Metabolism: Studies in Human, Nonhuman Primates and MiceLSU Health Shreveport
04/24/2024Dr. Drew PruettSimulating intracellular control of sodium, chloride, and potassium reabsorption in the distal nephron by WNK kinases.UMMC-Physiology
05/01/2024No SeminarNo SeminarNo Seminar
05/08/2024No SeminarNo SeminarNo Seminar
05/15/2024Dr. Ramona MolesMK cells, CTL and monocytes modulate primary HTLV-1 infectionUMMC-Cell and Molecular Biology
05/22/2024Dr. Lihong PanPHD2 deficiency in CD8 cells exacerbates cardio-pulmonary inflammation and heart failure progressionUMMC-Physiology
05/29/2024Jordan HartThe impact of obesity on disease progression in systemic lupus erythematosusUMMC-Physiology
06/05/2024Dr. Richard RomanCerebral vascular dysfunction in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's diseases and loss of cognitive function associated with hypertension and diabetesUMMC-Pharmacology
06/12/2024Dr. Jan WilliamsEarly Development of Obesity-Induced Renal Disease-Insulin: Friend or Foe?


06/19/2024Dr. Redin SpannCentral FGF21 signaling: an adaptation to dietary protein restrictionPennington Biomdedical Research Center
Baton Rouge, LA
07/03/2024No SeminarIndependence Day HolidayNo Seminar
07/10/2024Dr. Dao Ho

Naval Medical Research Unit
San Antonio, TX

07/17/2024Dr. Megumi MillsUMMC-Physiology
07/24/2024Dr. Hao WangUMMC-Physiology
07/31/2024Dr. Ana OmotoUMMC-Physiology
08/07/2024Dr. Barbara AlexanderSex hormones and the risk of cardiovascular and renal disease in the maleUMMC-Physiology
08/21/2024Dr. Taixing CuiA vascular stem cell-mediated control of vascular smooth muscle cell plasticityUniversity of Missourri, School of Medicine
08/28/2024Dr. Joshua SpeedUMMC-Physiology
09/04/2024Dr. Ji LiUMMC-Physiology
09/18/2024Dr. Heather DrummondUMMC-Physiology
09/25/2024Dr. Xuan Li


10/02/2024Umesh Bhattarai


10/09/2024Dr. Olufunto BadmusUMMC-Physiology
10/16/2024Dr. Yingjie ChenUMMC-Physiology
10/23/2024Dr. Jussara do CarmoUMMC-Physiology
10/30/2024Dr. April P. CarsonUMMC-Medicine
11/06/2024Dr. Gertrude ArthurUMMC-Physiology
11/13/2024Dr. Dongzhi WangUMMC-Physiology
11/20/2024Madison NewberryUMMC-Physiology
11/27/2024No SeminarThanksgiving HolidayNo Seminar
12/04/2024Dr. Xiaochen HeUMMC-Physiology
12/11/2024Jordan MalletteUMMC-Physiology
12/18/2024Dr. David StecUMMC-Physiology
12/25/2024No SeminarChristmas HolidayNo Seminar