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Departmental Shared Equipment

The Department of Pharmacology has shared equipment, including:

  • Odyssey Infrared Imaging (LiCor) system
  • Bio-Rad iQ5 real time PCR
  • Seahorse model XFe Cell Metabolism Analyzer
  • Nikon TiE-C2 confocal microscope system
  • Phosphoimager
  • Tissue Culture Facility with 4 BCL2 hoods and 7 incubators
  • Biorad ChemiDoc XRS Gel Imaging System
  • Ultrahigh Speed centrifuges (three) ¬†and High speed centrifuges (four)
  • Cold Rooms (two) and Walk-in Freezer
  • Beta and Gamma counters
  • Nikon 3000 fluorescent microscope with color and high sensitivity cameras and Nikon Elements software
  • Microtome, tissue slicer, cryostat