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How to Apply

The requirements for the attainment of advanced degrees are listed in the UMMC Bulletin.

The intent of the graduate program in Pharmacology and Toxicology is to educate and train individuals to become independent research investigators. This objective applies whether the ultimate career goal of the individual is to work in an industrial, governmental or academic setting.


Admission into the graduate program in Medical Pharmacology through the Department of Pharmacology Toxicology requires an academic degree from an accredited college or university, a superior academic record, and satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Examination. A background in one of the basic sciences (e.g., pharmacy, biology, chemistry, biochemistry) and mathematics is recommended, but outstanding students in other disciplines will be considered. All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English.

  • Admission requirements are stipulated by the School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences.
  • Program overview offers detailed information concerning the graduate program in Medical Pharmacology and is intended to convey the philosophy of our department concerning graduate education.
  • Click here to apply online. (applications will be accepted only in electronic format - Due Dec. 15)

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