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Seminars/Journal Club


  • 11: Dr. Barbara Alexander, Professor of Physiology, UMMC
  • 18: Journal Club: Dr. Lorena Amaral, Research Scientist, Pharmacology
  • 25: No seminar. Christmas holiday

January 2018

  • 8: Marilyn J. Cipolla, PhD, Professor, Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Vermont. Host: Pharmacology graduate students
  • 15: No seminar. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
  • 22: Journal Club: Bibek Poudel, second-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 29: Brian S. Cummings, PhD, Professor, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Georgia. Host: Dr. Roy J. Duhe

February 2018

  • 5: Licy L. Yanes Cardozo, MD, UMMC Division of Endocrinology. "Androgens and Cardiovascular Diseases in Women."
  • 12: Hannah Rice, MD, PhD student
  • 19: Journal Club: Kenji Maeda, second-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 26: Bibek Poudel and Jeanne Ishimwe (30 minutes each), second-year graduate students, Pharmacology

March 2018

  • 5: Kenji Maeda and Corbin Shields (30 minutes each), second-year graduate students, Pharmacology
  • 12: Dr. Reckelhoff, Professor and Chair of Biochemistry, UMMC
  • 19: Journal Club: Jeanne Ishimwe, second-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 26: Dr. Allen W. Cowley Jr., Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. Host: Dr. Roman

April 2018

  • 2: Andrei Krassioukov MD, PhD, University of British Columbia, University of Western Ontario, London, ON. Host: Dr. Fan
  • 9: Journal Club: Corbin Shields, second-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 16: Practice talks for Experimental Biology, 11 a.m.
  • 23: No seminar. Experimental Biology, April 21-25

May 2018

  • 7: Sumit Sontakke, Shaoxun Wang, Olivia Travis, Letao Fan, first-year graduate students, Pharmacology
  • 14: Dr. Jia Zhuo, Professor, Pharmacology
  • 21: Journal Club: Ramana Vaka, fourth-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 28: No seminar. Memorial Day holiday

**June 2018

  • 4: Journal Club: Olivia Travis, first-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 11: Dr. Jennifer Sasser, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
  • 18: Journal Club: Shaoxun Wang, first-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 25: Dr. Mark Cunningham, Postdoctoral Fellow, Pharmacology

**July 2018

  • 2: No seminar. Independence Day Holiday weekend
  • 9: Dr. Chao Zhang, VIP graduate student (VIP: Visiting Intern Program in Pharmacology)
  • 16: Journal Club: Sumit Sontakke, first-year graduate student, Pharmacology
  • 23: Dr. Jian-xiong Chen, Associate Professor, Pharmacology. "Metabolic Regulation of Cardiomyocyte Paracrine Signaling"
  • 30: Journal Club: Letao Fan, first-year graduate student, Pharmacology

**August 2018

  • 6:  Dr. Sean Didion, Associate Professor, Pharmacology
  • 13: Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy Pabbidi, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
  • 20: Raymond J. Grill, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomical Sciences, UMMC
  • 27: Dr. Roy J. Duhe, Professor, Pharmacology
*Journal Club meets at 11 a.m. every third Monday of the month.

** Depending on the availability, rooms (6A/4A/3A) are subject to change in months June, July and August 2018.