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About Resident Life at UMMC

Group picture of pediatric residents at House Sippy Cup eventHouse Sippy Cup

Our residents are divided into four houses, echoing Hogwarts, with each APD as house mentor. Throughout the year, each house will compete for points through conferences, game days, service, and teaching opportunities. Quarterly, the winning house will have a prize, and the cumulative house winner at the end of the year will be awarded our House "Sippy" Cup during the bowling tournament, with bragging rights for the following year!

Diversity and Inclusion

  • UMMC integrates diversity and promotes excellence into UMMC’s three mission areas – education, research and health care.
  • We foster a climate of inclusion throughout our workforce and student body, where respect for different points of views, backgrounds, and cultures are seen as strengths that enable the entire academic health center to benefit from each individual’s unique talent and perspective.

Residency Wellness

  • Residents at work and play - View Photos
  • Bourbon Club, Book Club, Bowling Tournament, Themed parties, Halloween & Christmas in the hospital, Wellness puppies
    • SEOTTS stands for Supporting Each Other Through Tough Stuff. This was started several years ago to facilitate conversations amongst residents & staff. This is a non-mandatory lunch meeting that happens once a month and is a safe space for discussions about the joys & difficulties of being a doctor. This group was initiated prior to COVID but has been such an asset during a particularly arduous season for health care providers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Occasionally, the sessions are visited by our hospital pet therapy dogs!
    • SEOTTS ("Supporting Each Other Through Tough Stuff") is a resident well-being group focused on the human emotions that are often overlooked, and at times unwelcome, in our profession.  Our goal in the group is to foster the feelings of success and failure alike and to remind residents that it is normal to feel all ends of the emotional spectrum.  We meet monthly for an opportunity for group discussion, but we're always available at other times as well for anyone needing an ear or a pep talk. Check out this TED talk to get a feel for the theme of what we're all about.
  • Employee Assistance Program - Visit Website
    • Free and confidential services available to UMMC Employees and members of their households -short-term counseling, work-life services such as researching for child care & elderly care, vacation planning, financial and legal services, life coach, etc. - offered by UMMC’s Employee Assistance Program through HUMANA Inc.
  • UMMC Office of Well-being - Visit Website
    • Well-being is a broad term that can be defined as a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. With the vision of a healthy, flourishing, and fulfilled UMMC community, a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice and personal resilience form the framework through which our Office works to promote a culture of well-being at UMMC. This includes a work environment that values and promotes health and well-being for all team members through workplace health programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports; processes and practices that promote positive employee and learner experiences; and supporting individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional well-being, including burnout prevention.
    • Well-being is born out of connectedness which can be difficult to build and maintain in a large organization. However, in an organization whose mission is to provide quality care to our patients, connectedness is paramount to this endeavor. Connectedness provides a personal sense of safety, builds highly functioning teams, and creates a meaningful relationship with patients so the loop is closed and everyone experiences well-being from connection. 
    • Social connectedness is a key component of well-being. An organizational culture that is engaging and supportive helps provide a sense of meaning and purpose in one’s work, and creates a venue where personal and professional growth are fostered. For these reasons, the Office has a strategic commitment to working with partners across the Medical Center to ensure that our organizational culture promotes connectedness and communicates positive regard for all members of our community.

RISE Program

Health care providers face stress from patient care every day, but when that stress becomes potentially traumatic, caregivers can quickly become the emotional or psychological "second victims." The RISE, or Resilience in Stressful Events, peer response team offers 24/7 confidential help in the wake of upsetting workplace events. Members of the group, most of them front-line caregivers, are available around the clock. Caregivers can call a hotline and connect with a team member for immediate support.