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Research Overview

oto---research.jpgThe Department of Otolaryngology and Communicative Sciences is committed to conducting research relevant to otolaryngology, audiology and speech pathology. Our mission is to make significant contributions that will improve the quality of health care services.

Our research program continues to thrive and is stronger than ever. We have been consistently successful in receiving federal and private grant funding for investigator-initiated studies as well as attracting industry-sponsored clinical trials. Our Vestibular Research Laboratories and the Immunology and Virology Laboratory are well-established and state-of-the-art. Areas of inquiry include vestibulo-ocular reflex, otolith-driven cardiovascular responses, innate mucosal defense mediators, chronic rhinosinusitis, human papillomavirus and influenza virus.

The ACT Center for Tobacco Treatment, Education and Research is part of our department. The focus of the research program is the advancement of scientific knowledge related to tobacco use and cessation. Center faculty have received a consistent stream of funding from the National Institutes of Health and the pharmaceutical industry. Investigations have addressed basic science (genetics, psychological mechanisms), applied clinical (assessment strategies, treatment strategies, medications, subpopulations, treatment efficacy), and public health (larger scale treatment deployment, treatment effectiveness / cost-effectiveness) issues.