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Available Rotations

M-3 (Junior) rotation

  • OTO 630. Otolaryngology Elective. A two-week clinical rotation in otolaryngology is available to students as an elective during their third year. Students will gain hands-on exposure to several otolaryngology subspecialties. The rotation includes clinic and operating room experience. As part of the rotation, the students are expected to submit two short written case studies and to attend resident conferences.

M-4 research rotation

  • OTO 663.Research. A student on this otolaryngology research month rotation is allowed to participate in clinical and/or laboratory research. Students will work with a faculty advisor to learn research design, research technique, data collection, statistical analysis, manuscript development, and presentation skills. Students have the option of participating in ongoing departmental research or an individual project that focuses on a specific area of interest.

M-4 (Senior) clinical rotations

  • OTO 661.Traditional/Sub-Internship. This month-long rotation is available to 4th year students interested in an otolaryngology elective. Students actively participate in all aspects of patient care, including clinical and OR activities, at the sub-intern level. The elective can be designed to include exposure to all subspecialties, or to emphasize a subspecialty of personal interest. Emphasis will be placed on an understanding of diagnosis and management of head and neck disorders. Students will present a 15-minute talk to the department during the rotation.
  • OTO 662. Primary Care Otolaryngology. This rotation is primarily clinic-based and is available to those students entering primary care fields who wish to gain a better understanding of basic ear, nose, and throat problems. Emphasis will be placed on recognition of and first line treatment of common head and neck diseases as well as proper consultation guidelines.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Carron, MD, student director for otolaryngology, (601) 984-5456, or Bonnie Boyd, (601) 815-3037.