Residency Program

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How to Apply

We participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and accept applications via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). We hope you will find the handout, Otolaryngology Residency Application Guide, which was prepared for our own students applying to otolaryngology, helpful to you up do and during the application process.

We consider applications as they arrive so we encourage you to send them in as early as you are able. 

Residency programs at UMMC require state licensure. Applicants for licensure in Mississippi must submit passing USMLE scores for Step 1 and Step 2 to the licensure board. In order to be employed as a resident at UMMC, an applicant without United States citizenship must have a permanent or a J-1 visa.

Recommended timetable

The following timetable was created by our residents to assist students interested in obtaining a residency in Otolaryngology:

Spring of your third year
or earlier
Talk to us about otolaryngology and programs.
Consider doing a research project in the summer or early fall.
July through NovemberTake the otolaryngology elective or do externships.
July and AugustRegister for the NRMP.
AugustAsk for letters of recommendation.
AugustLet us help you review your application.
Give us a copy of the programs to which you applied.
August through mid-SeptemberPrepare and distribute your applications on ERAS.
September through DecemberInvitations are issued.
Provide us a list of your interviews.
October through FebruaryInterview.
Provide feedback to us on the programs you visited.
Late-FebruaryRank list due.
Mid-MarchMatch results.
Have a good time!