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Mohs Surgery Fellowship

The UMMC Department of Dermatology's Mohs surgery fellowship is a one-year program designed to provide a broad experience in dermatologic oncology, Mohs surgery, and reconstruction. At the core of the clinical curriculum is a case load of approximately 1,500 Mohs cases per year, most of which are repaired by our Mohs team. Another 100 to 200 non-Mohs surgical cases are a part of the clinical load.

Further reconstructive experience is available with the Department of Otolaryngology's facial plastics and the Department of Ophthalmology'sĀ oculoplastics divisions at UMMC. A partnership with a private Mohs practice allows trainees to experience yet another surgical perspective. Some limited cosmetic experience is available if desired by the fellow.

Academic requirements include an original research project, weekly journal club, assigned textbook reading, and a presentation. Teaching of dermatology residents and some other rotating residents is also expected. The fellowship is ACGME accredited and satisfies requirements for membership in the American College of Mohs Surgery.