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V. Gregory Chinchar, PhD

Portrait of Gregory ChincharProfessor
(601) 984-1743

PhD, Indiana University

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Research interests

I retired as a full-time faculty member in July 2014 and, per state employment guidelines, returned on a half-time basis in December of that year. In the area of research, I continue to interact with virologists interested in the impact of iridovirus infections on cold-blooded vertebrates and invertebrates. 

My principal interests are in identifying novel ranaviruses and identifying the function of virus-encoded genes, especially those that inhibit host immune functions or facilitate virus replication. In addition, I serve as the chair of the Iridovirus Study Group within the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, and review scientific manuscripts and grant applications.

In the area of education, I serve as the co-director of MICRO 741 (Fundamental Microbiology and Immunology), and as an instructor in MICRO 611 (Medical Microbiology), DEN 641 (Microbiology), and MICRO 702 (Viruses).