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Licy Lorena Yanes Cardozo, MD

Portrait of Licy Yanes Cardozo

Associate Professor
Office: R310
Lab: R316
Office: (601) 984-5525

I am a physician-scientist, who has the ideal blend of knowledge in Endocrinology, a well-rounded clinical training and several years of productive basic research, specifically concerning both the physiology and the pathophysiology of sex steroids, during health and pathological conditions.

As an endocrinologist, I understand the critical need to elucidate the role androgens in women. Frequently in my practice, I encounter patients with clinical conditions in which androgen levels are elevated including those with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), with ovarian tumors, and due to exogenous androgen use/abuse. Although our understanding of the role of androgens in women under physiological and pathological conditions has increased significantly in the recent past, large gaps in our knowledge still exist. The long-term consequences of hyperandrogenemia in women are still poorly understood. Additionally, as physicians, we lack the pharmacological agents needed to properly treat the cardiometabolic abnormalities associated with androgen excess in women.