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Doctor of Physical Therapy Application Procedure

The online application process for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program opens July 1 each year; the application deadline is Nov. 1 of the year that precedes potential entry into the program. To be eligible to apply, applicants must have, or be on track to receive, a baccalaureate degree by the date of admission. Applicants must meet specified pre-requisite course requirements with minimum 3.0 prerequisite grade point average and minimum of 3.0 overall grade point averages. Additionally, a grade of "C" or higher must be earned for any required course.  Five of the eight prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the semester of application.  Applicants accepted for admission must successfully complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the subsequent spring semester, with the final grades documented by the official transcript. 

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, many universities implemented grading policies for the Spring 2020 semester that included the option of pass/fail designations.  The Department of Physical Therapy requires a letter grade (A, B, C) for all prerequisite courses and strongly encourages the use of letter grades for all coursework completed.  Please contact the Department with questions. Additionally, due to the clinical impacts of COVID-19 and the difficulty scheduling observation hours, the Department of Physical Therapy will waive the 40 hour observation requirement for the 2023 admissions cycle.  Past observation hours may be placed on curriculum vitae.  

All applications to the DPT Program at UMMC must be submitted online. The applicant is responsible for submitting all required documentation to the Office of Enrollment Management by the application deadline to be considered for an interview. Please read the DPT application instructions carefully before submitting your application.

Click here to access DPT application instructions for May 2023. 

There may be an option for early admission to the program.  Click here to view early admission eligibility criteria.

Applicants accepted into the program will be assessed a nonrefundable, $300 enrollment fee, which will be applied to the first year tuition.

Application procedure

The application with all supporting documents must be submitted by Nov. 1. All applicants pay a non-refundable application fee of $25. 

Any questions related to a submitted application or receipt of support documentation should be directed to:

  • Office of Enrollment Management
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    2500 N. State S.
    Jackson, MS 39216-4505
    (601) 984-1080

Important deadlines

The following dates are important deadlines for application processing for the class entering May 2023.

All submissions must be received by the Office of Enrollment Management on or before the following dates:

  • Nov. 1, 2022 - Complete application, application, fee, all supporting documents, and transcripts
  • Early November 2022 - Applicants eligible for early admission will be notified  if selected for an interview, and if so, the date and time of the interview. Click here to view early admission eligibility criteria.
  • Jan. 20, 2023 - Final transcripts for those enrolled in classes fall semester of 2022
  • Mid- to late January 2023 - Interview dates for the class entering May 2023. Applicants will be notified by the end of December if selected for an interview, and if so, the date and time of the interview.

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