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Health Systems Administration Admission Policies


To ensure awareness of the latest entrance requirements for the Health Systems Administration program, prospective students should visit the program’s website and review the published admission policies and associated criteria for each application cycle. Additionally, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Enrollment Management or the School of Health Related Professions for more specific information regarding applications, prerequisites, tuition and fees, or other program admission requirements.

Background check

Mississippi law requires all health care workers, including students, to have completed criminal background checks. There is no fee associated with the background check performed at UMMC for students admitted into the program.

Health insurance

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Administration program, with no clinical or research components requiring the physical presence of students on any UMMC campus, are not required to show evidence of health insurance 

Students in the Master of Health Systems Administration program must show proof of health insurance coverage due to their on campus requirement with the capstone presentations ( SHRP Research Day).   Students may complete a waiver showing coverage already obtained or may enroll in the group plan offered by the Medical Center. More information on this requirement may be found online in the UMMC Bulletin or on the Student Accounting webpage. Any questions should be directed to the Office of Student Accounting at (601) 984-1060.

Transfer of Credit 

Bachelor Program

For undergraduate programs, sixty (60) semester hours of academic credit is the maximum which may be applied toward admission to departments where a degree is granted by UMMC (Note: Students eligible for the IHL Complete to Compete initiative may have different requirements)

Master Program

With approval of the department chair and dean, up to nine (9) credit hours of transfer work may be accepted toward the Master of Health Systems Administration degree. Only academic credit with a minimum grade of “B” and that have not been applied toward a previous degree may be considered for transfer.

Certificate Programs

The certificate programs do not accept transfer credit from other institutions for the certificate to be earned at UMMC. 

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