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Master of Health Informatics and Information Management Course Descriptions and Curriculum

Course descriptions

All course descriptions can be found in the School of Health Related Professions section of the current UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.


First Year

Health Informatics (HI) TrackHealth Information Management (HIM) Track
HI 602 Health Care Delivery and Policy3HI 600 Health Information Management3
HI 619 Health information and Computer Science3HI 601 Medical Concepts 3
SpringHoursSpring Hours
HI 608 Data Architecture, Analytics & Visualization3HI 608 Data Architecture, Analytics & Visualization3
HI 631 Health Informatics3HI 630 Health Information Systems3
HI 604 Leadership Strategies in Health Informatics3HI 612 Management and Leadership Principles for HIM3
HI 634 Development of Electronic Health Information Systems3HI 634 Development of Electronic Health Information Systems   3

Second Year

Health Informatics (HI) TrackHealth Information Management (HIM) Track
HI 617 Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics3HI 618 Legal Aspects of Health Information Management3
HI 605 Applied Health Care Statistics3HI 605 Applied Health Care Statistics3
HI 632 Databases & Knowledge Management3HI 632 Databases & Knowledge Management3
HI 614 Privacy and Security for Health Informatics3HI 620 Performance Improvement Strategies3
HI 638 Clinical Vocabularies & Classification Systems3HI 616 Health Care Reimbursement 3
HI 698 Capstone in Health Informatics3HI 697 Capstone: Health Information Management3
Total credit hours for degree36Total credit hours for degree36
*Total credit hours for MHIIM degree with RHIA eligibility41

*Graduates of the HIM track have the option to take the following electives in order to sit for the RHIA exam.

  • HI 627 Clinical Documentation Improvement (1 credit hour)
  • HI 628 Coding for Reimbursement (2 credit hours)
  • HI 685 Professional Practice Experience (2 credit hours)