DHA Degree

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Doctor of Health Administration Curriculum

Year One
Summer semester
DHA 700Leadership Strategies in Health Entities
DHA 706Foundations of Health Policy
Fall semester
DHA 712Strategic Change Management       
DHA 718Current Trends in Accreditation & Licensure
Spring semester
DHA 724Health Care Law, Regulations & Ethics
DHA 770Epidemiology
Year Two
Summer semester
DHA 736Health Economics 
DHA 764Health Systems
Fall semester
DHA 748Communications in Health Organizations
DHA 754Fundamentals of Applied Research
Spring semester
DHA 760Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability
DHA 776Applied Research
Year Three
Summer semester
DHA 756Quality Processes in Health Organizations
DHA 767Current Topics in Health Administration 
Fall semester 
DHA 791Doctoral Project Proposal 
Spring semester 
DHA 798Doctoral Project