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Southern Social

An invitation from University Transplant Guild

I am honored to serve as president of the University Transplant Guild as we enter into 13 years of the University Transplant Guild helping the transplant patients in Mississippi.

The 2022 Southern Social outdoor event will be held on April 2, 2022 and plans include an outdoor sporting clay shoot in the afternoon, a craft for non-shooters, and an evening gala at Providence Hill Farm. We will be continuing with an online auction beginning 2 weeks before the event date. The dress will be southern casual for the shoot as well as the gala that follows.

We are ecstatic with the response and support from so many of you in the past few years for this event. 2020 and 2021 with Covid-19 was nothing short a challenging 2 years for not only a rise in patient needs but also void of our traditional fundraising events to help raise funds for patient needs. We are excited and can’t wait to return stronger than ever in 2022 to build upon our past successes as we have now entered into a new decade of making Mississippi a healthier place through transplantation. The UMMC Transplant program continues to grow and do even more exciting things to improve the lives of Mississippians. The Guild continues to provide comfort items to the nearly 200 patients when they are admitted, such as a cozy robe to keep, pill boxes for sorting medications and electronic tablets to borrow for emailing or movie watching while inpatient at UMMC. We also continue to provide need based emergency financial assistance to transplant patients to help aid them in paying for rent, prescriptions, gas money or whatever they may need.

The Guild is exploring other areas to identify the most need and will continue to strive to meet those needs. We ask that you consider making a contribution to help make this a reality for the state’s only transplant program. Your generosity makes a huge impact on our efforts to continue to support a rapidly expanding transplant community. Your support is what allows the guild to be a part of UMMC’s drive to achieve a healthier Mississippi.

We look forward to a fun event with you!

Olivia Christine Milner, President
University Transplant Guild