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Writing Collaborative

The goal of the UMMC Writing Collaborative is to add value to the educational experience through writing critique and feedback.  

The UMMC Writing Collaborative partners with the University of Mississippi (UM) Writing Centers to offer exceptional writing support services to students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Services are available at no charge to students currently enrolled in any UMMC school.  

To request writing assistance, click the icon below: 

Request Appointment with UM Writing Centers

Instructions for Appointments with the UM Writing Centers 

Schedule an Appointment 

Click on the link above, complete the form, and upload the document for review in order to reserve an appointment with one of the UM Writing Centers. Files must be in Microsoft Word and have a strategic name, such as student’s name or the type of document. 

Students should provide pertinent information/requirements for the writing assignments and list specific questions or concerns for the writing consultant when submitting the form. 

Students must plan accordingly and request appointments early in the semester and ahead of due dates or deadlines. 

Correspondence Appointments 

Only correspondence appointments are available, which are asynchronous and ideal to receive feedback from a writing consultant.  

Once the form is submitted, staff at the UM Writing Centers reserve an appointment, and the student will receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours of the appointment, the student will receive an email with feedback for the reviewed document.  

More Information 

All communication concerning appointments should be sent to 

For more information about UM Writing Centers, please visit 

For additional questions, contact the Office for Student Success.