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University Tutoring Services

University Tutoring Services is a peer tutoring program available to students currently enrolled at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and who are experiencing academic difficulty. Supportive instruction is provided by peers with similar educational backgrounds, and services are provided at no charge to students.

To participate in tutoring, students must: 

  • be enrolled in a school at UMMC; 
  • be registered in the course for which tutoring is provided; 
  • be experiencing academic difficulty and scored below the designated threshold on a course examination;  
  • be referred to University Tutoring Services by their academic dean; and 
  • agree to all the requirements of University Tutoring Services as outlined in the Student Contract. 

Students who meet the eligibility criteria above should contact their program directors or academic deans for information about referrals for tutoring.

Students are assigned to tutors based on an impartial process and specific criteria, which is best for both the student and peer tutor. Neither students nor tutors are allowed to request specific assignments. While tutoring is available for many foundational courses, it is not available for all courses at the institution. Students will be contacted with further information once they have been referred for tutoring by their academic deans. 

If you have any questions, contact Student Success in the Office of Student Affairs.