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Payment of Tuition and Other Charges

By registering for class, students acknowledge that they are entering into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including late fees and service charges on past due accounts as well as collection and legal fees incurred in the collection of unpaid accounts referred to an outside agency for collection.

Tuition, fees and optional insurance and bookstore charges are charged to the students’ tuition accounts and can be viewed at any time in the MyU portal. Billing statements are sent out via UMMC email. Students are expected regularly to check their UMMC email.

Tuition is due in full by the term payment deadlines, including:
  • June 15  - Summer term
  • Sept. 30 - Fall term
  • Feb. 15 - Spring term.

We do not have payment plans; however, students may start paying for their classes prior to the start of the term. Contact Student Accounting at (601) 984-1060 for more details.

Insurance charges applied after the term deadlines are due by the effective date of the coverage. Insurance is charged in six-month premium periods to cover Sept. 1-Feb. 28, and March 1-Aug. 31. The fall premium is charged with the fall tuition, and the spring premium is charged with the spring tuition. Students who enroll during a premium period will be charged through the end of whatever period is in effect when they enroll, and may also be charged for the next six-month period if applicable.

For example, a student who starts school in mid-August and applies for insurance would be charged a prorated amount for August, plus for September through February. Insurance cannot be paid monthly.

Students who plan for financial aid to pay their accounts are expected to finalize their application and other obligations in time for their aid to be disbursed by the term payment deadlines. Failure to do so may result in the penalties outlined below.

The penalties for not paying tuition and related charges on time are as follows:

  • The account will be considered delinquent and the student’s records placed on hold. The student will not be allowed to register for another academic term, see grades or request a transcript until the account is paid in full.
  • The account will be charged a $100 late fee.
  • The account will be charged monthly service charges at an annual rate of 18%.
  • Accounts unpaid by the end of the semester may be referred to an outside collection agency, reported to the credit bureaus, and incur collection fees unless satisfactory payment arrangements have been made. If the student fails to make the arranged payments, the account will then be turned over to the collection agency as outlined above.
For questions or more information, contact Student Accounting at (601) 984-1060.