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Student Insurance Enrollment Information

 Hospitalization insurance is mandatory for all students attending the University of Mississippi Medical Center with the following exception:   Students enrolled in distance education programs with no clinical or research components requiring the physical presence of students on any UMMC campus are not required to show evidence of health insurance, and are not eligible to apply for coverage on the UMMC student insurance plans.   These programs include the following: SOD – Advanced Standing Dental Hygiene; SGSHS – Biochemistry Certificate; SHRP – Advanced Standing Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences, Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science in University Studies, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health Informatics; SOPH – Master of Science in Population Health Science, Executive Master of Science in Population Health Management.  If a student is enrolled in more than one program and one of them requires proof of insurance, the student will be required to show proof but will also then be eligible for coverage on the student plan.

The health insurance and dental/vision plans currently available to students are United Healthcare products.   Benefit summaries are available on the insurance tab in the student portal, as well as in the Student Accounting Office.

It is important to note that the student insurance is NOT part of the state employee insurance plan and that it has no similarity to it.  UMC Human Resources cannot help you with your Student insurance.  All Student insurance inquiries should be directed to the Student Accounting office at 601-984-1060.

Accepting employment at University Medical Center and enrolling in the state employee plan DOES NOT CANCEL either the student health insurance or the dental/vision insurance. You must inform the Office of Student Accounting if you are enrolling in another plan and want the student insurance canceled.  Failure to do so could result in a reduced refund amount for canceling prepaid premiums, or additional charges for months of coverage you don’t want.

Students are offered the student insurance prior to their initial registration at UMMC. Acceptance is guaranteed during the first 30 days of a student's enrollment. An application received after the first 30 days is accepted only if the student has had a special qualifying event, such as loss of coverage on another plan due to age or job loss, change in marital status, or acquisition of a dependent. Applications due to a special qualifying events must be received within 30 days of the event, or they cannot be accepted. Open enrollment for this plan is the month of August annually; therefore, a student who does not elect the coverage as a new student may apply for coverage in August with coverage beginning on the first of September.

Family coverage is available. A student expecting the birth of a child has 30 days after the birth to apply for coverage for the child with coverage becoming effective at the date of the child's birth. We recommend not waiting until the last minute to apply for coverage to avoid billing problems with the hospital where the birth takes place. NOTE: BECOMING PREGNANT IS NOT A QUALIFYING EVENT. The birth of the baby is the qualifying event.

A student who is covered on the student plan and later gets married has 30 days to add the new spouse with coverage being effective the date of the marriage.

Students who previously waived the student insurance and want to enroll in the plan because they are getting married may apply for coverage and be accepted as of the date of the marriage; HOWEVER, they must apply for family coverage and add the spouse and any children they acquire due to the marriage. In other words, marriage is not a qualifying event to add single coverage for a student who previously turned down the coverage.  If, however, the student wants to use loss of coverage as the qualifying event, for example if the student is being dropped as a dependent on a parent’s policy due to marriage, single coverage can be procured but the effective date will be the first of the month after the loss of coverage provided the application is received within 30 days of the loss and before the first of the month.  Lesson:  changing insurance due to marriage can be tricky so it is best to come to Student Accounting and let us look at your situation and advise you one how to proceed.

Once accepted into the plan, coverage is renewed automatically until the student graduates from school or cancels the insurance. Cancellation must be in writing, and forms are available in the Office of Student Accounting. Students who fail to enroll in classes each semester will not be renewed for coverage. It is the responsibility of the student to promptly contact the Student Accounting office to discuss their insurance coverage if the student elects to withdraw from the University, or if they expect a gap in coverage between graduation and starting on a new insurance plan.

Premiums are assessed in conjunction with the fall and spring semester tuition or the nearest equivalent for non-semester programs. Students who start school in the middle of a premium period will be charged for the months remaining in the period.

Due to the high numbers of students receiving financial aid which may or may not be received prior to the insurance premium period, NON-PAYMENT OF PREMIUMS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE CANCELLATION. In the event a student's insurance premiums remain unpaid for an extended period and no financial aid is forthcoming, UMMC reserves the right to cancel the student's insurance.

Students who terminate their enrollment at UMMC, or who go on a leave of absence may elect to continue their health insurance benefits if the following two conditions are met: the student must have been enrolled in the plan for at least 3 months at the time of separation, and application for continuation of coverage must be made BEFORE the current coverage expires. The maximum amount of time the student insurance can be retained by a student who is terminating enrollment at UMMC, including graduating, is three months.  See Student Accounting for special rules when a student goes on a leave of absence.

All changes to a student's insurance, including cancellation or application for continuation must be made through the Student Accounting office.