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Residency FAQ

Must I match with a primary care residency program in Mississippi?
While it is not mandatory for scholarship recipients to complete a residency in Mississippi, it is highly desirable as it gives training physicians an in-depth look at the unique challenges of practicing medicine in the state of Mississippi and affords opportunities to search for desirable practice locations. The newly created Office of Physician Workforce will be a source of information on practice opportunities across the state.

Since the practice site must meet two criteria, what defines a "rural" community?
Though there are numerous definitions, the MRPSP Board of Directors have chosen to define "rural" as a community of 15,000 or fewer according to the most recent U.S. census data.

When will I know if my practice site is approved?
At the latest, practice sites must be approved at least 90 days prior to the completion of residency training. The new physician must begin work in the ambulatory clinic within 90 days of completion of residency to avoid being in default. The scholar can have their practice location(s) approved at any point during medical school or residency.

Do I have to practice in the same location for all four years?
Though remaining in one location is desirable, doctors may relocate as long as the subsequent location meets the criteria and is approved by the MRPSP Board prior to relocation.

What if I default on or breach the scholarship contact?
For individuals in breach or default, 6% non-compounded interest accrues from the date of the first award. If in default or breach, the participant will have the amount of time to repay the money (with interest) equal to the amount of time they received the scholarship. The accrued interest must be paid in the first payment or can be spread out in equal payments added to the amount of scholarship over the period of time of repayment. The participant will begin repayment immediately after defaulting on or breaching the scholarship contract.