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Medical School FAQ

Can I apply for the scholarship without being in the pre-matriculation phase?
Highly qualified students who have been admitted to or already attending UMMC School of Medicine or WCU College of Osteopathic Medicine may apply for the scholarship only by May 1 each year. Admitted MRPSP pre-matriculation program participants receive priority consideration.

I just learned I'm accepted to UMMC or WCU. Where can I find the scholarship application?
Check with the MRPSP office to confirm funding is still available, then complete the online application by May 1. Schedule an appointment with the executive director to discuss the program.

How is the scholarship recipient determined?
Preference for scholarships will be given to applicants who participated in the pre-matriculation phase of the program. First preference will go to applicants who are admitted to University of Mississippi School of Medicine through the MRPSP direct admission program. Secondary preference will be given to applicants who are admitted to either the University of Mississippi School of Medicine or William Carey School of Osteopathic Medicine by May 1 after participating in the pre-matriculation portion of the program. Final preference will be given to applicants who have been admitted to UMMC School of Medicine or WCU College of Osteopathic Medicine who did not participate in the pre-matriculation phase of the program.

Will the $35,000 scholarship cover all living expenses during medical school or just tuition?
Tuition and fees continue to increase across the country and will likely change prior to your admission to medical school. The scholarship funding is divided into equal semester stipends to assist with books, housing, food and transportation. To view the cost of attendance, visit UMMC's Office of Student Accounting.

Will the stipend be enough to cover my living expenses?
No. The stipend varies from year to year due to different fees for testing, number of months in class and tuition increases.

What if I change my mind about going into primary care once I'm in medical school or match in an non-primary care residency program?
If a scholarship recipient fails to complete the four years of medical service in a rural ambulatory clinic, he or she is considered in default against the state of Mississippi, and repayment of the scholarship must begin within 90 days. This is true regardless of whether the reason is academic, personal or as a result of a change in career direction.

Once a student matches and begins a non-primary care residency program, they are in breach of the scholarship contract. Within 90 days, they must begin repayment which means repayment must be made during residency training. Students have the amount of time to repay the scholarship plus interest that they received the scholarship. (Example: If student receives scholarship for four years, that student has four years to repay.) 

What if I decide to sub-specialize after residency training?
Fellowship training (typically limited to one year) must be of the nature that would complement a primary care practice such as sports medicine or obstetrics in family medicine. All fellowships must be approved by the MRPSP board. If a scholar chooses to pursue a non-approved fellowship, that scholars will be in default of their contract and will begin repayment during fellowship training.

What if I default on or breach the scholarship contact?
For individuals in breach or default, 6% non-compounded interest accrues from the date of the first award. If in default or breach, the participant will have the amount of time to repay the money (with interest) equal to the amount of time they received the scholarship. The accrued interest must be paid in the first payment or can be spread out in equal payments added to the amount of scholarship over the period of time of repayment. The participant will begin repayment immediately after defaulting on or breaching the scholarship contract.