Dental School Phase

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Dental School Phase

Based on available funding each year, scholarship applicants who have been admitted to or currently attending the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry will be considered for scholarships valued up to $35,000 per year. Scholarship recipients will be selected from current dental students and college seniors who have participated in the pre-matriculation phase of MRDSP who are admitted to dental school prior to the April 1 application deadline.


  • $35,000 scholarship per year
  • Recognition of MRDSP Scholar status from faculty members
  • Professional mentoring by rural dentist

Service obligation to Mississippi

Upon completion of dental school training, the MRDSP Scholar must enter practice in a community of 10,000 or fewer located more than 20 miles from a medically served area for a period of time equal to the number of years scholarship funding was received.

The practice site must be pre-approved by the MRDSP Board of Directors during the final months of training. Service must begin within 90 days of the completion of training.

Default penalty

Breach of the agreement at any stage of training (medical school or residency training) shall invoke the repayment of all scholarship funds plus additional default penalties. Failure to enter practice in a rural area of Mississippi immediately places the Scholar in default and subject to repayment.