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Dental School Phase FAQ

Can I apply for the scholarship without being in the pre-matriculation phase?
Highly qualified students who have been admitted to UMMC School of Dentistry may apply for the scholarship online by April 1 each year. Admitted MRDSP pre-matriculation program participants receive priority consideration. Any remaining funds will be awarded to admitted UMMC School of Dentistry students.

I just learned I'm accepted to UMMC School of Dentistry. Where can I find the scholarship application?
Check with the MRDSP office to confirm funding is still available, then complete the online application.

Will the $35,000 scholarship cover all living expenses during dental school or just tuition?
Tuition and fees continue to increase across the country. The scholarship does cover the cost of tuition. The remainder of the scholarship funding is divided into equal monthly stipends to assist with books, housing, food and transportation.

Will the stipend be enough to cover my living expenses?
No. The stipend varies from year to year due to different fees for testing, number of months in class and tuition increases.

What if I change my mind about going into general dentistry or pediatric dentistry in a rural area once I'm in dental school? If a scholarship recipient fails to complete the four years of service in a rural practicing general or pediatric dentistry, he or she is considered in default against the state of Mississippi, and repayment of the scholarship must begin within 120 days. This is true regardless of whether the reason is academic, personal or as a result of a change in career direction.