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Affiliated Students at UMMC

Affiliated students are non-UMMC students enrolled at external academic institutions who are engaged in educational experiences at UMMC to meet learning objectives for the external academic programs. They are affiliated with UMMC for an academic semester or a portion of an academic semester. Affiliated students are supported with current, binding affiliation agreements between UMMC and the external academic institutions and programs.

To inquire about current affiliation agreements between UMMC and other institutions, contact the Office of Academic Affiliations.

Instructions for affiliated programs and affiliated students can be found below.

Affiliated programs

To request an affiliated placement at UMMC per academic semester, the program coordinator at the affiliated school must submit a formal request to the Office of Academic Affiliations between 4 to 8 weeks prior to the requested start date. This is considered the affiliated school and program's attestation that the individual is a student currently enrolled in the affiliated school and program and meets all UMMC requirements for affiliated students. Affiliated instructors who accompany affiliated students on UMMC's campus must also meet and complete all requirements.

The affiliated school program coordinator must do the following each semester to request placement for affiliated students (and affiliated instructors who accompany students on campus):

  • Review the Affiliated Student On-Boarding Checklist.
  • Verify that affiliated students are compliant TB screening and immunization requirements and keep all documentation on file at the affiliated program. The affiliated program must provide this documentation during future auditing. Affiliated students/instructors are encouraged to utilize the UMMC Affiliated Student Health Form. Affiliated programs that fail to provide this documentation during audits may no longer be allowed to send affiliated students to UMMC.
  • Obtain documentation that affiliated students receive influenza vaccinations during influenza season. If affiliated programs submit requests for placements spanning into influenza season but prior to availability of the seasonal vaccine, affiliated programs must obtain documentation of affiliated students’ receipt of the vaccine once it is available.
  • Contact the UMMC affiliated student coordinator for the corresponding discipline to discuss the potential affiliated learning experience and send the learning objectives.
  • Download and complete the Affiliated Student Spreadsheet. You may include multiple students on one spreadsheet. Affiliated instructors must be listed as well.
  • Complete the secure form located HERE, attach the completed Affiliated Student Spreadsheet, and submit between 4 to 8 weeks prior to the start of a rotation.
  • After internal processing is complete, the affiliated school program coordinator will receive an email with the affiliated students' UMMC ID number and login (if applicable). The affiliated school program coordinator is expected to individually distribute this information to the affiliated students.
  • You must schedule badging/criminal history review appointments for your students or require your students to self-schedule. Click HERE to schedule these appointments with the UMMC HR Service Center. This review must be complete prior to the start of the rotation.
  • If applicable, communicate with EPIC trainers regarding affiliated students who require Epic access (UMMC's Electronic Health Record).
  • Require the affiliated students to complete the UMMC orientation, compliance training, information policy review, and attestation form referenced in the Affiliated Students section below before beginning the rotation each semester.
  • Affiliated students' learning experience and access at UMMC expires based on the end date identified on the Affiliated Student Spreadsheet. A new request must be submitted each academic semester.
  • Affiliated programs must notify the UMMC affiliated student coordinator immediately when an affiliated student is withdrawn, dismissed, or unable to complete the learning experience for any reason.

Affiliated students

Upon receiving notification of approval to participate as an affiliated student/instructor at UMMC, he or she must do the following each semester before starting the rotation:

  • Ensure compliance with all TB screening and immunizations and file documentation with the affiliated program.
  • If UMMC network access is provided, create a password using Password Central. For assistance, contact the UMMC Help Desk at (601) 984-1145.
  • Complete the UMMC Orientation.
  • Complete Compliance Training.
  • Review the Information Security Awareness video and UMMC Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Review the UMMC Parking Policy for the Jackson campus. Affiliated students/instructors are asked to park in the stadium parking lot on State Street across from the institution. Parking in undesignated areas may result in the owner's vehicle being ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.
  • Submit this online Affiliated Student Attestation form to verify completion of this orientation and training.
  • Click HERE to schedule and complete a badging/criminal history review appointment with the UMMC HR Service Center prior to the start of the rotation. Your affiliated program coordinator may schedule this appointment for you or you may self-schedule. Once the background review is complete, the badge may be available as early as 24 hours after your appointment. Wear the UMMC-issued badge at all times during the affiliated learning experience and return it to the UMMC affiliated student coordinator or the HR Service Center at the conclusion of the experience.
  • If Epic access is required for the UMMC learning experience, the affiliated student and affiliated program coordinator will receive instructions via external email accounts for Epic training and security access. The affiliated student/instructor must log in to Canvas, UMMC's learning management system, to access the assigned online Epic training modules.
  • If a current UMMC employee is enrolled/employed at an external academic institution and is completing a UMMC affiliated student placement as a student/instructor of that external institution, the UMMC employee must complete all the affiliated student onboarding requirements listed above. All affiliated student/instructor learning placements must occur outside of the UMMC employee's paid work hours. The UMMC employee must obtain a second UMMC ID badge and wear at all times during the affiliated student placement to identify himself or herself to patients, faculty, and staff as an affiliated instructor or student in training. Any access to the medical record must occur in the assigned Epic affiliated student/instructor role.
For questions, contact the Office of Academic Affiliations.