Interprofessional Education Collaborative

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Welcome to the IPEC at UMMC. This site is a clearinghouse for institutional efforts to promote interprofessional education and activities in the health sciences at UMMC.

Our primary goal is to ensure students have the opportunity to learn “about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes.” We achieve this by providing opportunities for students, from all seven professional schools, to interact and begin learning how to work successfully with members of other health care disciplines.

Julian Gilner, MA
Director, Interprofessional Activities

Committee Members

Sarah Adcock
Asst. Professor, Academic Information Services

Cynthia Casey
Associate Professor, Health Sciences

Benjamin Dillard
Division Chief, Pediatrics-Emergency

Elizabeth Franklin
Associate Professor, DHA

John Franklin, (ASB)

Alaina Herrington
Director, MAST; and Interim Director, Clinical Skills Center

Blake F. Johns (ASB)

Robyn MacSorley
Director, School of Nursing Instruction

Jeffery Orledge
Professor, Emergency Medicine

Christian Pruett
Director, School of Nursing Instruction

Rob Rockhold, PhD
Deputy Chief Academic Officer

Sajani Tipnis
Assistant Dean, School of Medicine, Pediatrics-Neonatology

Emily Ware (ASB)

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